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’90s nostalgia with 98 Degrees: Group looks back on what they miss most

Courtesy 98 Degrees

98 Degrees is giving fans the ‘90s nostalgia they crave.

The group recently released their first music video in eight years for their new song, “Where Do You Wanna Go,” and it features nods to late ‘90s fashion — Kangol hats, turtlenecks and all.

While they may not be looking to revisit those looks in real life, Jeff Timmons says he’s nostalgic for some of their older music videos.

“Those were always really fun,” he tells ABC Audio. “And it was like almost filming a movie, I mean, on top of the Golden Gate Bridge or in Chichen Itza and the pyramids and all the fun stuff that we had the opportunity to do that you don’t really get anymore because those budgets aren’t there anymore for those types of things. So I’d probably say that that’s what I miss most.”

The new song and video release are part of the group’s 98 Days of Summer campaign, which has them sharing  memories with fans on social media as well as releasing a Summer of 98 EP featuring remixes of their biggest hits.

Nick Lachey admits he often gets nostalgic for the way music used to be released.

“[The] anticipation of like when you’re going to release a CD and the build up to it and then the massive, you know, autograph signing at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square…Now it’s instantaneous,” he says. “Everyone gets it online.”

He adds, “There was something very…climactic about putting an album together and then building up to this one big signature moment. Yeah, I kind of miss that feeling.”

Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffre are a bit more superficial in what they miss from that time period. “I miss my metabolism!” jokes Drew, as Justin chimes in, “I miss my hairline!”

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