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A California fire was sparked by a gender reveal party gone wrong!

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Alright, folks … gender reveal parties are officially out of control! It seems like every year, the state of California suffers from some sort of massive fire and as of yesterday, more than 600 firefighters in California’s San Bernardino County were working to contain a fire that began on Saturday in El Dorado Ranch Park, near the city of Yuicapa. The devastating fire burned over 7,000 acres and forced nearly 3,000 people to evacuate. The cause … well, we now know it was a gender reveal stunt gone wrong.

But sadly, this isn’t the first gender reveal stunt to go horribly awry. In the last few years, more than a few gender reveal stunts have caused massive damage. Back in April 2017, an Arizona party sparked a wildfire that burned around 47,000 acres. With that in mind, 2020 is already too crazy … can we all just agree to chill out on the gender reveal explosives and maybe just cut into a cake?!