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A Colorado “throuple” has become parents to a baby girl


Tt’s a “blessing” to have “three pairs of hands instead of two.”

Lo Taylor, 31, of Denver said that both her husband, Mike, and the couple’s girlfriend, Jess Woodstock, have all played an important role in taking care of their new daughter, Aria Lyn.

“Spouses and birthing partners do not get nearly enough credit, both Jess and Mike have been amazing,” Taylor told Caters News Agency.

“It’s been a blessing having three pairs of hands instead of two,” she added.

Since Lo gave birth in December, they have rotated who will take the night shift with the newborn.

“We all take it in turns to sleep in the spare room and give her a feed throughout the night so whoever is on the late shift doesn’t disturb the other two,” she said.

During the pregnancy, Lo and Mike had planned to give their girlfriend a more hands-on role by having her breastfeed the little one.

The two expecting mothers then attempted to sync up their cycle and hormones  — hoping that would help stimulate the girlfriend’s milk production.

Jess hasn’t been able to breastfeed yet, but she did experience pregnancy cravings and mood swings.

“We have been experiencing some of the same cravings and she has had some of the same changes with her boobs, they got larger and very full,” Lo told Caters.

Lo said the trio has been thrilled to have a fourth member added to their home.

“All three of us are absolutely smitten with her, we couldn’t have wished for a smoother pregnancy and birth,” she said.