A Few Fun Things by TJ


1. Taco Bell’s nacho fries are back as of today! (3/10) Do you remember back in like 1993 they had fries and they were AMAZING they never got soggy.  Taco Bell never brought those particular fries back, they have fries but not THOSE fries. Do you know what Im talking about?  They were crispy EVEN with all that melty cheese on them, these current ones for sure get soggy. I miss those old fries.

2.  Eggo is hooking up parents for daylight saving time. They are giving about 100,000 10 count boxes of waffles to help tired parents so they dont have to worry about making their children breakfast.  To enter follow Eggo’s  Instagram and Facebook, on Monday (14th) they will provide a link to get the boxes, its first come first served though and Im not sure what time the link will be available so keep an eye out!

3. Disney is doing a prequel to its “Lion King” remake.  It’ll be about the younger versions of Mufasa and Scar, and how Mufasa became king. I wish I were the cartoon version, I did not love the real animal version.

4. 37 new emojis are hitting iPhones next week!  They include a pregnant man, melting face emoji, a saluting emoji, a puppy dog eyes emoji that’s holding back happy tears, a heart hands emoji, an empty nest emoji, a troll, a disco ball, and a low battery emoji.