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A Hole New Debate

Oh no, we’re a show divided yet again. We’ve had many hot button, high tension debates on this show in the past. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is chili a soup or not? Well, a new fierce and feisty debate popped up this week out of nowhere. The question, “Does a straw have one or two holes?” Now, normally we would turn to Ryan and immediately let him put this debate to rest. However, this time Ryan said he’s not saying a word. He’s going to sit back and let Ding and Dong duke it out. Crisco says without a doubt, unequivocally a straw has one hole. Dez, well she strongly disagreed to say the least. Claiming time after time a straw has two holes with a tunnel between them. They both made very valid and arguable points, but what does science say? Well, science says a straw has… one hole. Breaking it down for simpleminded people like us saying, picture squishing both ends of the straw together, making it look like a nut or bolt. It’s easier for us to picture a nut or bolt as having one hole and that’s essentially what a compressed straw is. Of course Dez refused to submit to science and admit that she was wrong on this one. Just continuing to yell a straw is two holes with a tunnel in between!! Is it though Dez? No, no it’s not. Scientifically it is not. Science has confirmed undeniably a straw has one hole. But since when is science factual or absolute? Dez refuses to relent when it comes to this debate. In all fairness though, Dez has plenty of listeners on her side and science is always willing to hear new theories and possibilities so never say never! Maybe with Dez leading the charge she can get “science” to overturn their ruling on the straw hole(s) law. Doubtful, but we don’t want to crush Dez’s spirit so… If you have an opinion of your own to help convince Ryan and the rest of the show how many holes a straw truly does have, please visit our Facebook page and let us know!