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A Moment of Pride: Hayley Kiyoko shares what Pride means to her

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Raise your rainbow flag, because June is Pride Month — and pop star, actress, advocate and icon Hayley Kiyoko wants you to know what it means to her.

Hayley, who just went Instagram Official with her girlfriend, former Bachelor contestant Becca Tilley, tells ABC Audio, “Every year during this time I’m always thinking about what Pride means to me. And to me, it means having compassion for one another, cultivating self-love and living your authentic truth, and encouraging others to do the same.” 

“Happy Pride!” she adds.

Hayley is releasing her new album Panorama on July 29. The first single, “For the Girls,” came with a video featuring Hayley as the first-ever lesbian Bachelorette; Tilley made a guest appearance at the end of the clip.

Speaking about her four-year relationship with Becca, Hayley tells Teen Vogue, “She has had to navigate a lot of hardship in her journey, and I’ve been honored to be by her side through it all. It is not my place to speak for her, but it does feel amazing to get to share the love I have for her with the rest of the world.” 

As for Panorama, Hayley tells Teen Vogue, “This album is filled with self-failure and heartbreak and finding love and fighting to keep it and all of these things I have yet to share.”

She also feels that everyone will be able to find something in the album they can relate to. Or, as she puts it, “Hey, I’m Hayley, and I’m a lesbian, and I’m here for the queers. But I’m also here for everyone else.”

Hayley will join Lauv as a special guest on his tour in August.

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