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Adam Lambert promises “creepy, spooky vibe” for this month’s Las Vegas residency

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Adam Lambert‘s mini Las Vegas residency runs October 20 through October 30 at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, and he says his performance will be well-suited for the spooky season.

“It’s a special set list put together for this time of year, Halloween being at the end of the month,” Adam tells E! Online. “I’m very excited. It should be fun.”

And while Adam isn’t going to take the stage dressed up like a ghost or goblin, he’ll still be paying homage to the holiday.

“I’m not doing costumes per se, I’m not dressing up in a Halloween costume, but I’m definitely giving you like, a dark, goth, creepy, spooky vibe,” he explains. “Like ‘modern witch-slash-True Blood,’ but no fangs. But who knows? I might get inspired by the last show. I don’t plan everything in advance.”

You won’t be able to see the last show unless you buy a ticket, but on October 29, Adam will be doing a livestream of his show for fans who can’t make it to Sin City.  Meanwhile, you can catch Adam in action Wednesday night when his new show Clash of the Cover Bands premieres on E!.  He’s one of the judges, along with Ester Dean and Meghan Trainor.

“It was so crazy because we filmed this show on the same exact stage and studio as American Idol,” the show’s season eight runner-up tells E! “So walking backstage into the studio every day was just so surreal…I enjoyed that full circle.”

Adam adds, “And it made me keep in mind that when you get up on stage and…you’re putting yourself out there to be commented on by three people at a desk in front of you, it’s not always the easiest thing.”

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