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Adele approves of British soccer team's "Someone Like You" victory song

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Will Heath/NBC

What does it take to get Adele back on Twitter, where she hasn’t been seen since October?  A bunch of British soccer players singing one of her songs, apparently.

An extremely minor league soccer team in Lancashire, England called Chorley Football Club has made it a point of singing Adele’s #1 hit “Someone Like You” every time they win.  Over the weekend, they scored yet another victory, and the players — about half of them shirtless — posted a video of themselves in the locker room afterward, belting out the tune.

They tagged Adele in the post and she responded with a heart emoji.  Fans immediately began begging her to release her next album, with one writing cheekily, “Don’t you wanna drop new music that they can vibe to? These poor little soccer players?

However, other replies slammed the team themselves for being irresponsible by gathering together in their locker room without any masks in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When she hosted Saturday Night Live in October, Adele claimed her album wasn’t done yet.  Many industry insiders believe she’ll release it this year, but that remains to be seen.  Meanwhile, January 24 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of her world-beating smash album 21.

By Andrea Dresdale
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