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After first-ever gig, Mimi Webb discovers she’s not “Good Without” a live audience

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British singer/songwriter Mimi Webb has scored a top-10 U.K. hit with her breakthrough single “Good Without,” which is now climbing the U.S. charts.  Interestingly, because the song took off on TikTok during the pandemic, Mimi had never even played an actual concert until just a couple weeks ago in London.

“I mean, it was so crazy: You’re just kinda there and people are singing your lyrics back to you, and I just thought, ‘Wow,'” she tells ABC Audio about that first show. “Because for me, everything sort of started to blow up in lockdown…so it was a surreal feeling and crazy to actually see [fans] in the audience.”

She adds, laughing, “When everyone says, ‘Mimi, when you get on the stage, you’ll know what I’m talking about!’ — that is definitely what I experienced!”

Mimi, whose influences include Adele, Sam Smith and Emeli Sandé, wrote “Good Without” after being inspired by a past relationship.

“I just felt like I hadn’t said everything I felt I needed to say. And…it was kind of the start of the year [when] I wrote this,” she explains. “And I…thought to myself, ‘I know I’m going to enter this new chapter this year.’ And I just kind of wanted to put it all out in the open.”

In the song, Mimi sings about being “good without” love, but she says she wanted to leave it open to interpretation.

“There’s so many things I’m good without that in 2020 I was…allowing to happen,” says Mimi. “So for me, it was definitely a ‘get rid of the negative energy and start fresh with a new chapter’ kind of feel!”

Today, Mimi performs a Prime Day Live concert for Amazon Music, which you can watch via Twitch and the Amazon Music App.

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