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After heartbreaking loss, Christina Perri is “ready to really share my experiences” on first album since 2014

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Christina Perri‘s new album, a lighter shade of blue, her first since 2014, is out on Friday — and it’s a good thing, too. The singer says she’s “overflowing with stuff I need to sing about.”

Unfortunately, that stuff is sad. Christina suffered postpartum depression after having her daughter in 2018. Then in early 2020, she had a miscarriage. Later that year, after getting pregnant again, her daughter Rosie was stillborn. Christina is now expecting another baby, but says her grief inspired many of the songs on the album.

“We hardly talk about [grief] openly,” she notes. “So I feel a sense of responsibility, having gone through all these things. But I can only say that now, having done all that inner work. So I feel like, ‘OK, I’m ready to really share my experiences.'”

And Christina hopes that detailing what she’s gone through in song will help others.

“These songs feel so important to me that I have to put them out,” she explains. “Like, I don’t know many people singing about postpartum depression, but I gotta share that song with everyone in the world.”

“It’s really the music that’s encouraging me to do it even when I feel like I can’t,” she adds.

Christina’s journey through her grief is reflected in the album’s title, which was inspired by the album’s song “Blue.”

“The lyric has to do with becoming a lighter shade of this darkness I’ve always carried around with me. And as soon as we wrote this song, I saw the entire thing,” she explains. “Every song has some sort of reference to either blue … specifically, or just that moody kind of vibe. And all the songs kind of tell the story of starting in a very dark place and slowly getting lighter.”

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