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After Hours Podcast

If you’ve never listened to our After Hours podcast there’s never been a better time to check it out! Maybe you want to hear a little more of us, talking about our lives and/or things that aren’t quite as, let’s say “radio friendly”. You’ll get plenty of that on this podcast. Maybe you just want more ways to win awesome prizes. You’ll get that as well. Maybe you want both, guess what, you got it! Listen to our ‘ podcast to hear more of us with less rules, and more ways to win cool prizes (i.e. a pair of 2-day tickets to TC Summer Fest, a pair of KS95 Deck wristbands, and a pair of meet & greet passes with The Killers). All you have to do is listen and Crisco, Dez & Ryan will tell you exactly how to win. It’s very simple! You can find the After Hours podcast on the Crisco, Dez and Ryan podcast page. But not only can you find the podcast there, you can hear every Love ‘Em or List ‘Em, Secrets, and more!