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AJ McLean says he's "100%" releasing his debut solo album this year, single this month

ABC/Frank Ockenfels

Last year, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean told ABC Radio that he was working on solo music.  Nnow it seems he’s got some solid plans for its release.

Appearing on Dear Media’s Recovering from Reality podcast, AJ says he’ll shoot the video for the first single from his debut solo album this month, and the song will be out this month as well.  He also says he’s got “a couple of showcases” coming up in January.

AJ adds that he’s “100%” going to release the album this year, noting, “So hopefully I can lock down a major record deal, which will be fantastic. And then we’re off to the races.”

Podcast host Alexis Haines notes that she’s heard some of the album and says AJ’s gone back to his “poppy R&B roots.”  In 2018, AJ tried his hand at country music, releasing singles like “Back Porch Bottle Service.”

In the podcast, the Dancing with the Stars contestant also discusses his journey to sobriety — he recently marked one year clean. And as for the future, AJ tells Haines that in addition to having a successful solo career, he’d like to, as he puts it, “build a little empire and make sure my kids are set for life.”

He notes, “Here’s the thing I can say this now, and I’ll say it to the day I die. I will never retire. That will never happen. I love what I do too much. Even if I’m not performing. I mean, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be writing music.”  Producing and acting are also on his “to-do” list: “Everything will come when it’s meant to come.”

Of course, AJ’s also looking forward to resuming the Backstreet Boys‘ DNA tour, as soon as the live entertainment industry gets up and running again.

By Andrea Dresdale
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