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AJR’s planning a “completely new show” for OK ORCHESTRA headlining tour

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Credit: Shervin Lainez

AJR is finally bringing the band’s new album OK ORCHESTRA to where it belongs: the live stage.

The brother trio will launch a U.S. headlining tour in support of the record — which features the hit singles “Bang!” and “Way Less Sad” — Tuesday night in Madison, Wisconsin. Speaking with ABC Audio, band member Jack Met shares that AJR is planning a “completely new show” for the outing.

“Literally every single idea that we’ve ever had is gonna be scrapped,” Met says. “Every single thing is gonna be new.”

Given the theatrical nature of OK ORCHESTRA, which is structured like a stage musical, AJR very much had the live show in mind when they put the album together.

“Even when we’re writing the album, we’re writing this specific song, ‘How is it gonna look on stage? What’s something we haven’t done before? What’s something anyone hasn’t done before?'” Met explains. “It’s usually transitions, effects, what’s going on behind us, how can we make the audience really confused, that sort of stuff.” 

AJR’s OK ORCHESTRA headlining tour will run through an October 1 stop in Jacksonville, Florida, and will pick back up again in April 2022.

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