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Album, tour and a possible Grammy? No wonder Kim Petras’ New Year’s resolution is to “take it in and have fun”

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Kim Petras is going into 2023 with some major momentum: In 2022, her first-ever charting Billboard Hot 100 single, “Unholy” — a duet with her pal Sam Smith — hit number one, and earned them a Grammy nomination to boot.  She’ll find out if they win next month, but the German singer also plans to release a new album and go on tour this year. That’s why her New Year’s resolution is all about living for the moment.

“Yes: Don’t forget to take it in and have fun!” Kim told ABC Audio when asked if she had a resolution for 2023. “I think especially when things get busy and looking at my schedule gives me like crazy anxiety.”

“Honestly…it’s so many things, but it’s all great things,” she notes of being so booked and busy. “And I just want to enjoy those moments and just not get too in my head. So being present I think is my biggest resolution.”

Besides, Kim points out, if you’re being “present,” you can’t dwell on what’s already happened, or what’s about to happen — and that’s what she wants to avoid.

“When I think about the future and I look at my schedule, I freak out,” she admits. “When I think about the past and things I could have done differently, I’m just, like, ‘What’s the point?’ So yeah, [being present].”

Meanwhile, “Unholy” and Kim are featured on Sam’s upcoming album Gloria, due out January 27.

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