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Alessia Cara’s ready for ‘Global Citizen Live:’ “It’s important to do my part as a citizen of the world”

Shervin Lainez

Alessia Cara is releasing her new album In the Meantime today, but tomorrow, she’ll be one of more than 50 artists appearing on Global Citizen Live, which is being held worldwide over 24 hours.  Alessia will be in New York with Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello and Jennifer Lopez, while others will be performing in cities from Paris to Sydney.  Alessia says she feels that since she does have a platform, she might as well use it to support things that she believes in.

“We have artists and people in the spotlight — whether they’re on TV or on the radio or have any sort of soapbox to stand on — you know, we have access to so many ears and eyes,” the Grammy-winning Canadian star points out. “And I feel like it’s sometimes a waste if you’re just being greedy with it and just doing it for selfish reasons.”

“Not that if you don’t participate in charity things, you’re a selfish person,” she clarifies. “But I always feel like…since I have this platform, like I might as well help out as much as possible.”

She continues, “It’s obviously wonderful to do it in your small community, but if you have access to tons of people, like, why not spread the message further, and do what you can?”

“So I always feel like it’s important to do my part as a citizen of the world and as someone with a platform, to talk about things that I believe in, and that are important to me,” Alessia declares.

Global Citizen Live, which will air on ABC News Live and other platforms, urges people to take action by asking world leaders to come together to end COVID-19, hunger and poverty, and protect the environment.


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