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Alesso says Katy Perry “nailed it” in their new video for “When I’m Gone”: “She’s definitely the star”

Rony Alwin

The video for “When I’m Gone,” Katy Perry‘s new collaboration with Swedish DJ/producer Alesso, debuted Monday night on ESPN during the College Football Playoff National Championship. The clip features Katy performing complicated choreography while rocking a number of super-sexy looks, and Alesso says deserves serious props for pulling it off.

“Dance music is what I do, so I love to see dancing in music videos, and she nailed it, she worked so hard for it,” Alesso tells ABC Audio. “I had my little part in it and I got to do a small cameo, which was fun. But she’s definitely the star in the video. And to come back after having a baby and doing that performance, it’s huge, so, [I’m] very thankful and a lot of respect to her.”

Alesso adds that premiering the video the way they did made a huge impression.

The reaction has been incredible. Obviously, it’s a huge deal,” he says, adding, “The impact these games have, and how many people are watching, it’s crazy! And so it was a huge honor and it was just so much fun to to be a part of it in a little way?”

Katy and Alesso first started working on “When I’m Gone” more than a year ago, when Katy realized it’d be a great song to put in her newly launched Las Vegas residency PLAY.

“We had such a vibe when we recorded the song, and it was a fun process, we both…were really excited,” recalls Alesso. “It’s been a minute [since] you heard a record like this with a big chorus and the big club beat.”

“So yeah, so far the support’s been amazing,” says Alesso, who plans to check out Katy’s residency “for sure” the next time they’re both in Vegas.

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