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"All I Have to Give" you for Christmas is a Backstreet Boys holiday album

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After literally talking about it for years, Backstreet Boys are finally buckling down and giving fans a Christmas album — and it’ll be out later this year.

The group made the announcement on the latest episode of their monthly Apple Music show, All I Have to Give Radio, which was released Saturday.  “We’re about to go in the studio and make our Christmas album,” said Brian Littrell, and added, laughing, “Oh, my God, did I just let that out?”

Kevin Richardson then gave a few more details.  “We are going to be in the studio recording our first Christmas album ever. We’re all excited; we’ve been compiling our favorite songs and having Zoom meetings. And so we’re excited to get back in the studio for that. That will be out later this year.”

He then noted that the group, who had to cancel their DNA World Tour last year, is “trying to figure out this wacky world of touring in this new era and this new world we’re in.”

“Fingers crossed, we’ll be able to get back out on the road later this year…we’ll see,” Kevin said. “We miss all you fans out there. We miss performing. We miss being on stage together. We miss traveling. And so hopefully, that’s going to happen.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Kevin went on to reveal that the group has recorded some new music for an upcoming movie, but wasn’t able to give any details.  “That film has been pushed back a couple of times, waiting to see what’s gonna happen with theaters opening, and COVID, and everything like that,” he explained.

You can listen to the entire show now on Apple Music.  BSB also talks about their time in Las Vegas, the making of the “Everybody” music video, and other fun memories.

By Andrea Dresdale
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