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Ally Brooke “can’t wait” for the world to hear her new Spanish music

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Billboard

Ally Brooke is preparing to share a piece of her heritage with fans with the debut of her new music, which is entirely in Spanish. 

The former Fifth Harmony member couldn’t help but share her excitement about this new era of music that she’s releasing under a new label, and with a new team around her.

“This has been such a major blessing in my life,” she told People. “My fans can see how happy I am and I can’t even explain it. It’s indescribable.”

Singing in Spanish isn’t exactly new for Brooke or her fans. The singer, who grew up in San Antonio, Texas, shared that her new music “taps into my roots, how I grew up and who I am today.”

What was a new experience for the “Perfect” singer, however, was being “so involved with the creative process.”

“I co-wrote a lot of these songs,” she said. “This is me. This is totally me. And the world’s going to hear it. I can’t wait.”

“I feel a [sense of] relief, I feel like I’m an artist, I’m fully myself and I’m pouring myself into these songs,” she added. “And I felt like before, I didn’t have that chance. To be able to finally put my writing in every song is the best feeling.”

Brooke’s debut Spanish single, “Mi Música,” is out October 22. 

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