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And the videos keep coming from Katy Perry: Uncork "Champagne Problems" now

Liza Voloshin

While Katy Perry is finally taking a break from promoting her album Smile as she enjoys her first few weeks as a mommy to baby Daisy Dove, she’s giving fans plenty of content in the form of animated or pre-baby videos, which she seems to be dropping every few days.

The latest is a clip for “Champagne Problems,” a disco jam on her new album Smile about how she and fiancé Orlando Bloom have weathered the storms of their relationship and come out the other side.

“Now we’re celebrating/I’m so glad we made it this far/’cause baby all we got are champagne problems now,” Katy sings, while wearing a ’70s-style hairstyle, sequined dress and crystal headpiece.  Based on her appearance, the video was filmed either before Katy got pregnant, or before she started to show.

“Listen to Champagne Problems to get your pre-baby body back,” she captioned the video on Instagram.

There’s also an animated video available for “Tucked,” which uses retro comic-book animation to tell the bizarre story of a woman married to a giant stalk of broccoli, but who’s having an affair with her next-door neighbor: a giant piece of candy.

Videos for “Harleys in Hawaii,” “Cry About It Later” and “Never Really Over” complete the series for now, but more are coming.

Meanwhile, Katy herself put in an appearance on her Instagram Stories, showing a decidedly un-glamorous side of new motherhood:  She posted a selfie wearing just a nursing bra and underwear, with the credit “Hair n Makeup by: @exhaustion.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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