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Andy Grammer dedicates upcoming “Saved My Life” music video to his godmother, Leigh

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If you asked Andy Grammer who had the biggest impact on his life, he’d point to his godmother, Leigh.  Because of that, he’s dedicating his upcoming “Saved My Life” music video to her, because she inspired the song.

“‘Saved My Life’ is about Leigh, my Godmother. She was my mom’s best friend. She super showed up for after my mom’s passing,” Andy revealed on Instagram. Andy was only 25 when he lost his mother, Kathy Grammer, to breast cancer in 2009.  

“Our loss was so tremendous,” Leigh said of losing her best friend and how Andy, in turn, saved her.  “[She] was such a big, huge part of both our lives.”

The “Keep Your Head Up” singer told Leigh he not only wants her to appear in the music video, he hopes to inspire his fan base to also shout out the individuals who changed their lives for the better. 

“Whether a teacher, a parent, a stranger, or a friend — I want to know who impacted your life in a positive way,” Andy explained, noting they only have “10 words or less” to share their story.

Andy provided an example, saying that Leigh “stepped into the mother role when mine passed away.”  He then said to Leigh, “I genuinely feel like you saved my life in so many ways.”

Grammer also said he will hold one-on-one Zoom conversations with those whose stories resonated with him most, so they can personally tell them why the person they highlighted matters so much to them.

Submissions close April 27.  The link to enter can be found in Andy’s Instagram bio. 

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