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Andy Grammer is offering fans a chance to create a song with him on TikTok

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Leave it to “Don’t Give Up on Me” singer Andy Grammer to whip up a fun new activity while in quarantine: He’s giving fans a chance to create a brand new song with him on TikTok.

It’s really simple, in a video posted Monday, Andy challenged fans to write the lyrics to a melody he created on the spot — using just his guitar and his beat-boxing skills.

The mellow tune is definitely catchy but generic enough to be about anything.

“Yo. Let’s write a song on TikTok,” Andy said in his Monday announcement.  This challenge presents a unique opportunity for aspiring songwriters and singers, he noted, adding that he’ll “post my favorites.”

On Tuesday, he’d already posted a submission from aspiring artist Savannah Outen.

Andy even transcribed Outen’s emotional lyrics, which are about realizing the romantic undercurrent of a friendship but feeling nervous about acting upon it.

Put out a call for you guys to write a song on top of my chords and beatbox and you blew me the $@&! away,” he gushed in the caption.  “This girl’s VOICE!”

That COVID collaboration could lead to a fully fledged song, too: The brief duet attracted songwriter and record producer Ross Golan, who teased in the comments section, “Shall we finish this or what?”

Andy wants fans to continue to take a crack at his song-creating challenge because, as in Outen’s case, it might just become someone’s big break.

By Andrea Dresdale
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