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Andy Grammer on why he’s been “really, really kind of loud” about mental health awareness lately

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Alex Harper

October is recognized as Depression and Mental Health Awareness and Screening Month, and Andy Grammer is one of many celebrities who are very outspoken about normalizing mental health issues and mental health care. The pandemic was the catalyst for Andy: During lockdown, he experienced depression and anxiety, and sought therapy because of it. But he says the fact that he’s speaking out on the topic may be more impactful, simply because of his public image.

Andy knows many people think of him as a super-positive dude and his music reinforces that image. Which is why he says it’s especially important for him to speak out about mental health challenges.

Andy explains, “You know, that’s kind of where it really started to feel like, ‘Oh, I think I could make an impact if the happy guy is saying he’s depressed. That might give other people permission.’ So that’s why I’m really, really kind of loud about it. And I just think it’s really important that people know that you’re totally OK if you’re not OK.”

“I know that sounds like a cheesy statement. I don’t care. I just don’t actually care anymore,” he stresses. “If one person hears that and goes, like, y’know, ‘I just feel like I should talk to somebody’ — like, ‘Yes, please, God, go!’ Especially men.”

But has Andy heard from fans who tell him he’s inspired them to get help?

“Yeah, I have. I think it’s more through my music,” he notes. “I hear people saying, like, ‘Whoa, your song ‘Love Myself’ made me go on a little journey with myself that I really appreciate,’ or ‘This one picks me up when I’m down,’ y’know?”

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