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Andy Grammer says his daughter’s adorable mealtime request made him go "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH"

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It’s no secret that Andy Grammer is a doting dad and savoring every moment he spends with his little ones, but his recent admission on Instagram takes the cake. 

Over the weekend, his two year old daughter Louisiana melted his heart by making one simple request at the dinner table.

The “Honey, I’m Good” singer uploaded a photo Saturday of him and little Louie holding hands while sharing a meal.  As it turns out, Grammer was admittedly poker faced throughout the entire exchange.

Louie: Can we hold hands while we eat?,” the 36-year-old wrote, recounting how the adorable display came to be. “Me: Sure (downplaying it.)”

As for what he really wanted to say, Grammer admits that heart-shaped fireworks were going off inside his head as he internally screamed, “OH MY GOD LIFE IS SO GOOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.” 

He punctuated how he felt at the time by closing out with four red-heart emojis.

Of course, the father of two had to spread the love to the most recent addition to his family, Israel Blue.

Grammer posted a separate video to his Instagram Stories on Sunday, which shows his three-month-old vocalizing loudly while lounging in her baby bouncer.

“What?  What’d you say?” The “Best of You” artist excitedly cooed as Israel babbled in response.  

Last week, Grammer shared the sweet lullaby he wrote especially for his newborn, which caused celebrity parents like Rachel Platten and Christina Perri to fawn over the whimsical tune.

Grammer shares Louisiana and Israel with his wife Aijia.

By Megan Stone
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