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Andy Grammer’s daughter just may follow him into the family business: “She’s a singer for sure”

Alex Harper

Not only is Andy Grammer a musician, but his father, Red, is a Grammy-winning children’s musician.  So it’s no wonder that Andy’s older daughter, Louisiana, aka Louie, is already displaying musical talent.  In fact, Andy jokes that he and his wife — who’s also a musician, by the way — have “created a monster.”

“She’s, like, so fascinating, her voice…she has really good pitch,” Andy says of Louie, the elder of his two daughters. “And she’s four, and every time we get in the car, she knows exactly what she wants to hear and then she wants to sing very loud to it.”

“Sometimes it’s my songs, sometimes it’s my dad’s songs. Sometimes it’s…like, she’s been into Hamilton lately, which is really funny,” Grammer laughs. “Sound of Music, a lot of theater stuff. But yes, we’ve created a monster. She’s a singer, for sure!”

So far, Louie’s gotten to show off her musical talent by duetting with her dad on “C.A.M.P.,” a song about summer camp that he created as part of a promotion with Quaker Chewy.  But Andy says she’s also very curious about what inspires her dad’s songs.

“She’s definitely now at the space where she knows that songs are written for reasons — and sometimes, the reason is her,” Andy tells ABC Audio. ” So she wants to know, like, ‘Is this one about me? Is it mine? Is this for me? And…is this for Mama? Hmm, interesting.’ She’s, like, taking it all in.”

Andy’s most recent single, “Lease on Life,” was actually inspired by Louie’s little sister, Israel, aka Izzy, who was born in April of 2020.

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