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Another Fair in the Books! But, You Can Still Get Your KS95 Gear!

And just like that, another fair is behind us! It’s always remarkable how quickly it seems to go. All the hype of ramp up to the fair and before you know it, it’s on to planning for the 2024 State Fair. First off all, thank you to all of our amazing listeners who came out to the fair and said hi to us. We truly enjoy meeting you and it’s nice to put a face to our listeners, so thank you. A lot of people asked if they can purchase KS95 merchandise online? Well, we are happy to report yes, you are now able to. Not only does the KS95 Store offer all the items that were out at the state fair, it offers more options with more designs to choose from. Visit our KS95 Online Store and pick yourself up some new gear before it’s all gone!