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“Arcade” singer Duncan Laurence can’t wait to trade TV cameras for real live fans

Paul Bellaart

As more and more artists returning to the road, “Arcade” singer Duncan Laurence says he can’t wait for the day he can trade TV appearances for what he calls “old fashioned rock ‘n roll” concerts.  In particular, he’s excited to perform all those fans he’s made during the pandemic, when “Arcade” first blew up on TikTok.

“I cannot wait to not have a camera in front of me, but just cell phones, people and…you know, the old-fashioned rock ‘n roll gig way, instead of a camera with two hundred million viewers or this many viewers or that many viewers,” he tells ABC Audio.

“It’s just a lot of pressure constantly and you just want to enjoy the moments, too, and be in that room and feel the energy of your fans,” Duncan explains. “And I cannot wait to — especially now — see what ‘Arcade’ has done for me when it comes to that that part of my career.”

What Duncan means is that, while “Arcade” is huge on TikTok and is now a radio hit, he hasn’t really been able to witness with his own eyes if he’s popular enough worldwide to mount a major tour.  In fact, just last month, he had to cancel an appearance because he contracted COVID-19.

“Will I be able to tour? Will I be able to gig in cities like Los Angeles or New York or or do I have to work, still, up to that point?” he ponders.  “And it’s just very interesting…because this all happened during lockdown. And that’s a crazy thought.” 

In other Duncan Laurence news, he’s got a new song called “Heaven Is a Hand to Hold” on the soundtrack on the Hulu series Love, Victor.

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