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Are you ready? Watch The Weeknd in new Super Bowl performance teaser ad


If you want to see The Weeknd without bandages, bruises or botched plastic surgery on his normally handsome face, check out a new teaser ad for his upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance.

The 60-second clip, called “Get Ready,” features a diverse group of people rocking out to The Weeknd’s number-one hit “Blinding Lights” as they work or go about their day.  A little kid plays the song on a xylophone; a woman sings along while blow-drying her hair; a guy dances and sings to the track while cleaning a pool; and more.

At the end, The Weeknd himself pulls up to the security booth of a parking area in a vintage convertible. The guy inside is jamming out to “Blinding Lights,” and signals to the Canadian star to wait a minute. Then he does a slow double take when he realizes who’s there.  The Weeknd just smiles sheepishly and drives on.

The spot ends with the words, “Are You Ready?” and the logo of Super Bowl 54 Pepsi Halftime Show, which airs on CBS on February 7.

According to Variety, the campaign will mark the first time the artist who’s playing the halftime show has taken part in a Pepsi ad campaign ahead of the actual event.

By Andrea Dresdale
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