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Ariana Grande releases full movie clip of her performing “Just Look Up”


The apocalyptic dark comedy Don’t Look Up is in theaters now, and Ariana Grande has also dropped the music video for “Just Look Up,” the single she performed with Kid Cudi for the movie.

Ariana plays pop star Riley Bina, who is charged with writing the prophetic song to tell the world a planet-killing meteor is hurtling toward Earth.

The performance video begins with Ari, dressed in a flowing white gown, belting out her haunting vocals while suspended high above the stage. She then floats down to join Cudi, who plays DJ Chello in the film, as he lays down an apologetic verse about not being man enough during her time of need.

The two hold hands for a brief moment before Ari redirects the song back to the subject at hand — everyone is going to die.

“Look up, what he’s really trying to say / Is get your head out of your a** / Listen to the godd*** qualified scientists,” she croons, but the message appears to fly over the cheering audience’s heads because they are still lifting up their phones and swaying to the music.

The music video also features a cameo from Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, who star as the two astronomers that discover the planet-killing meteor. The pair are seen standing on the side of the stage so they can observe the blissfully unaware crowd.

Don’t Look Up is in theaters now for a limited time before it heads to Netflix on December 24.

(NOTE: Embedded video contains uncensored profanity)

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