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Ariana Grande shares her thoughts on beauty standards: “I don’t love beauty rules”

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Ariana Grande says you should take current beauty rules with a grain of salt.

Glamour magazine asked the Grammy winner what one beauty rule she dislikes most. “Oh, any,” Ari responded. “I don’t love beauty rules, really. It should be so personal. And I don’t know that you have to follow any rules. I think we create and then we see what works and what doesn’t for us.”

As for the beauty rule she set for herself, Ariana says she swears by the mantra: “You can’t be beautiful on the outside if you’re not good to one another.”

“I suppose that is a very helpful beauty trick,” she elaborated. “It doesn’t really matter how pretty you are on the outside. I know that’s very corny, but probably that.”  Ariana also revealed the other rule she follows, which is “do your skin care.”

Ariana, who of course recently launched her R.E.M Beauty line, said she views makeup as a form of expression, especially when it comes to rocking multiple looks, like she does.  Ariana said she has “fun” when she uses makeup to create other characters. 

“Makeup is storytelling,” she elaborated, “and is such an important part of the arts in any scenario — music videos, movies, TV shows, drag. These become our Halloween costumes. It’s what sets the tone.” 

As for the trends she likes most, Ari says she loves “the Euphoria makeup,” referring to the hit HBO show, as well as “Y2K glam.”

The “thank u, next” singer’s second chapter of R.E.M. Beauty is now available for purchase.

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