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Ariana Grande trolls Blake Shelton in lost “audition reel” during ‘The Voice’ finale

The Voice Season 21
Trae Patton/NBC

To celebrate completing her first season on The VoiceAriana Grande decided to pay it forward to fellow coach Blake Shelton by covering his new single.  However, Ari hammed it up and used it to further tease her on-camera rival.

The hilarious bit aired during the The Voice‘s season finale.  The “Positions” singer recreated Blake’s “Come Back as a Country Boy” music video, claiming it was a lost “audition reel.”  Given that Ari is probably not suited for the rough-and-tumble life — she even admits Blake doesn’t think she’s “country enough” — it only highlighted how dramatic the singer is in his new music vid. 

In the “Come Back as a Country Boy” film, Blake shotguns beers, uses a chainsaw and kicks down trees… and Ariana tries her hand at all of them.  Obviously, chaos ensues as the Grammy winner runs around in high-heeled cowboy boots as she fumbles with a saw, chases a disobedient Golden Retriever, drops or crushes beer cans, and shows some decorative trees who’s boss.

Ariana even takes a crack at singing with a country twang but misses the mark entirely after leaning into her Broadway roots.  In her second attempt at mimicking Blake, she drops her voice into a guttural drone and hits all the low notes.  She even lets out a unenthusiastic “yee-haw” at the end.

Obviously, she didn’t get the part.

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