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Ariana Grande’s impersonation skills earn Jennifer Coolidge’s stamp of approval

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Ariana Grande‘s fans love her Jennifer Coolidge impersonation and now the White Lotus star is giving her two cents.

“Your imitations are so brilliant,” Coolidge told Ari, who was interviewing her for Entertainment Weekly. The outlet named Coolidge one of the Entertainers of the Year. The actress continued, “I get so many people just texting me about your acting skills. You do these great facial expressions and you’re very, very subtle, and you’re funny.”

The singer was flattered, but felt she wasn’t that deserving of the high praise. “What are you even saying? Coming from you, the queen of all things funny and brilliant, that means a lot,” Ariana raved. “I’m just happy to have your stamp of approval.”

Ariana flexed her Jennifer Coolidge impression on Halloween, when she channelled her performance from the cult classic Best in Show.

Coolidge wasn’t done honoring Ariana and declared, “You’re more mature and more advanced than I am, even though I’m the older one.”

“I don’t think that is true,” Ari retorted.

The two discussed a multitude of topics during their one-on-one interview, with Coolidge lauding, “I just have to say, you’re a fantastic interviewer.”

The comment came after the Legally Blonde actress doled out advice to the younger generations, which was to trust your gut and know that there will be people rooting for your downfall.

“Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to keep going and trust yourself — be sort of discerning about what you intake and not let it impact your performance, or your decisions, or your career, or your life, or your happiness, or health,” Ari agreed. “That’s one of the hardest things to balance.”

The interview ended with the singer sweetly telling Coolidge, “It’s an honor to know you, to call you my friend.”

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