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Ariana Grande’s new makeup line R.e.m Beauty was partly inspired by ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Black Mirror ‘

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Anyone who’s paid attention to Ariana Grande‘s career over the past few years knows that she’s pretty fond of using outer-space or sci-fi imagery in her videos, commercials and costumes.  Ariana says she took that same approach to developing her new makeup line, R.e.m. Beauty, which officially launches on Friday morning.

“I wanted to make sure everything looked like a prop from either Star Trek or Black Mirror,” she tells Vogue of the makeup packaging she chose. “I treated it like it was a Tesla situation, not like make-up. I didn’t want it to look like make-up. I’m a huge fan of sci-fi, vintage space stuff, so this was about creating our own world with this packaging.”

If you look at the Instagram, you can see what Ari’s talking about: Everything is packaged in smooth, silver or white futuristic-looking tubes and cases.  The highlighters are also named after the planets in the solar system: Miss Jupiter, Mama Earth, Miss Mercury and so on.

As for the name of the line, it’s of course taken from her song “R.E.M.,” which Ariana explains “encompasses a lot of my favorite parts of my sound.” But there’s another reason she chose it.

“REM [stands for] rapid eye movement, focusing on dreams and the eyes,” she explains. “Eyes are our most effective communicators — you can say more with the way you look at someone than you can articulate with words sometimes, and so much beauty happens there.”

R.e.m. Beauty, which also includes eyeshadow palettes, lip stain, plumping lip gloss and eyeliner, goes on sale at 9 a.m. ET on Friday at

Ariana tells Vogue, “Hopefully it will inspire people to express themselves in a new way and share that with the world.”


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