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‘Arthur’ creators “say HEY!” to John Legend about potential feature-length film

ABC/Troy Harvey

We have all seen the meme comparing John Legend to Arthur the aardvark, and now, the creators of the Arthur series hope to cash in on it.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, author Marc Brown and executive producer Carol Greenwald discussed the long-running animated children’s show coming to an end after 25 seasons, but hinted they aren’t fully ready to say goodbye.  Instead, they floated the idea of creating a feature-length film, and say they have the perfect person in mind to star in it.

“I mean, if I could pick one person I would love to be a part of this project, it might be John Legend,” said Brown.

While a feature-length film does sound “intriguing” to the showrunner, he admits that he can’t “wrap my head around it completely.”  He also teased that a movie could be “in the works soon,” noting, “[W]e’ve got a great idea…The subject matter is very timely, and maybe there is even a really interesting person involved.”

While Brown has yet to confirm that Legend is definitely part of the plan, it wouldn’t be all that surprising.  Aside from being the father of two young children, five-year-old Luna and three-year-old Miles, the Grammy winner previously parodied his resemblance to Arthur in 2018.  He appeared in a Google Duo commercial, where he dressed up in the character’s trademark yellow sweater and blue jeans, and even referenced the infamous Arthur hand-clenching meme.

Arthur just wrapped its 25-year run on PBS, but will continue on in other mediums, including, maybe, a movie.

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