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As “Put Your Records On” keeps going, Ritt Momney says he’s the “luckiest musician ever”

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Daniel Prokopcyk

Ritt Momney — the stage name of singer/songwriter Jack Rutter — released his version of Corinne Bailey Rae‘s 2006 hit “Put Your Records On” in April of 2020.  It blew up on TikTok that September — and now it’s a huge radio hit. Jack says the whole thing has been so unexpected that he doesn’t know how to feel anymore.

“I feel like a while ago I kind of got adjusted [to the success] and now I’m, like, not appreciating the milestones as much anymore,” Jack tells ABC Radio. “It’s like, [bored voice] ‘Oh, top three on radio. Cool.'”

“But yeah, I mean, it’s insane. It’s, like, the craziest thing ever,” he admits. “Everything that’s happened, like [being on] Jimmy Fallon, it’s been so wild. I’m seriously, like, the luckiest musician ever!”

What Jack finds even more amazing is that the song just keeps on going, so he’s gaining new fans each day.

“That’s the crazy thing, is there are still people saying, ‘Yeah, I just heard this for the first time, I love it!'” he says of his social media interactions. “The good messages are nice, the bad messages are whatever. But yeah, it’s been crazy, just, like, the continued [radio] play that it’s gotten.”

The reason Jack recorded “Put Your Records On” in the first place is because he remembered it from his childhood: His mother would play Corinne Bailey Rae‘s album in the car when he was growing up. So it seems that some payback is in order for this Mother’s Day, right?

“She really likes just spending time with family, so we’re definitely planning something,” Jack tells ABC Audio.

He laughs, “We want it to be, like, a really fun family weekend So, yeah…I really do need to make this a big Mother’s Day for sure, considering!”

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