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Ashe dances barefoot on broken glass in “Me Without You” video

M Ashemewithoutyou 050521
Jason Lester

Ashe‘s debut album Ashlyn comes out on Friday and she’s released yet another preview track from the project.

“Me Without You” is an upbeat, quirky song about finding yourself after getting out of any kind of bad relationship — business, romantic or what have you.

In a statement, Ashe says, “‘Me Without You’ is my follow up to ‘Moral of the Story.’ It’s saying you thought that I needed you to be who I am.”

She explains, “Multiple people…you know, assumed that I needed them in my life to feel confident or to be me and ‘Me Without You’ is just this record that’s like, ‘Ooh, I am so good on my own.’”

The song comes with a video in which Ashe dances alone in an empty cafe, exits out the back door and finds herself in a meadow, where she dances with a string quartet who are all playing “air instruments.”  They all come back inside the cafe, where Ashe goes behind the bar, smashes a glass, climbs up on the bar and starts dancing on the broken glass in her bare feet, leaving bloody footprints everywhere.

Cut to Ashe in a movie theater, watching this scene play out. She exits the theater and dances down the street, passing a storefront where several TVs are still showing the scene of her dancing in the cafe.

In addition to “Me Without You,” Ashlyn features both versions of her hit “Moral of the Story” — the solo version and the version with Niall Horan –– plus her duet with FINNEAS, “Till Forever Falls Apart.”

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