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Author of new Mac Miller book was “really surprised” by what people told him about Ariana Grande

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The late Mac Miller — who was in a relationship with Ariana Grande for nearly two years — would have been 30 today, January 19.  A new book about the rapper’s life came out yesterday, and the author says what surprised him the most about writing it was how people described their romance.

Paul Cantor, the author of Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller, interviewed nearly 100 people over three years. He tells USA Today, “I was really surprised [by] a lot of what was discussed after his passing with regard to his relationship with Ariana. I thought there would be a lot more salaciousness there and there was not.”

“That relationship was very positive and loving between them,” Cantor adds. “Sometimes you talk to people and you think they’re going to tell you crazy stuff. But everything [I was told] was that she was this really positive influence.”

Cantor didn’t interview Ariana herself for the book, but he’s fine with it.

“I tried, but I didn’t get too far,” he explains. “With something like that, I think that experience with him was traumatic for her, as it would be for anyone. I think she was and still is grappling with what occurred.”

Mac appeared on Ariana’s 2013 song “The Way,” which became the first top 10 hit for both of them. They starting dating in August of 2016, and appeared together in the video for Mac’s song “My Favorite Part.” They split in May of 2018. 

Mac died September 7, 2018 from an accidental drug overdose.  Ariana wrote on Instagram a week later, “i’m so mad, i’m so sad i don’t know what to do. you were my dearest friend…i’m so sorry i couldn’t fix or take your pain away.”  She later referred to him as “an angel” in her hit “thank u, next.”

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