Dez Opens Ryan’s Box of Horrors

Ryan brought in his box of horrors for Dez to figure out what was inside. At first Dez was very impressed with the box, but then she was given 60 seconds to figure out what was hidden inside.

Trying New #MNStateFair Foods From 2021!

We tried a few #MNStateFair foods this year! Check out our reactions to Cucumber Jalapeño Limeade, La Floretta and a boozy blue raspberry pie. 🤤 Follow us on Facebook below.

‘Money Hungry’ With Crisco, Dez & Ryan

Could you have guessed these weird food combinations??😂 There’s a new show coming out called ‘Money Hungry’ where competitors “Taste their way to victory” to win $50,000. We thought we’d…

Name That Milk! With Crisco, Dez & Ryan

On The Morning Show today, Crisco tried 3 different kinds of milk. Powdered milk, breast milk and almond milk. . . BLINDFOLDED. Which was his favorite? You might be surprised.😂

A Porch Pirate Like No Other!

This is a whole new breed of porch pirate! ha! Better call Plunkett’s!! Have you ever had any weird (and possibly furry) friends come visit you at your door? Let…

We Say Goodbye to Rudy

  We recently said goodbye to our producer, Rudy. Thank you for all of the amazing memories over the years! The outpour of love in the comments above will have…