Dez Comedy Jam

The Dez Comedy Jam left Rudy, Ryan & Crisco in absolute shambles this morning. Who knew Dez could be so savage? Follow us on Social media!

Crisco Eats Mystery Pregnancy Food!

Chocolate ice cream and hard boiled eggs….that’s it. That’s the description. Follow us on Social media! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KS95 on Facebook …

Crisco Reads Thirst Tweets!

It’s really no contest, Crisco is the sex symbol of The Morning Show. “Criscophelia – the abnormal desire to strip off Crisco’s cargo shorts and do things that …

The S&H Puppet Show -The Sad Off

Note to self: The life of a radio personality has humble roots. Hutch, you can keep the ‘cralad’ to yourself buddy. Follow us on Social media below!