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Ava Max explains why she ditched her “Max Cut,” says upcoming tour is inspired by Madonna


Ava Max has started her new era with her new album Diamonds & Dancefloors, but what really signaled that she was ready to leave the first part of her career behind is when she ditched her signature hairstyle and color for something more “confident.”

Last year, before she released the first song from the new album, “Maybe You’re the Problem,” Ava gave up her signature “Max Cut” — blonde, with one side longer than the other — in favor of fiery red hair that’s all one length.

“I didn’t want to be known just because of my ‘Max Cut.’ I didn’t feel like that defined me as a whole,” she tells People. “It really kicked off my career and meant so much to me — it still does — but I wanted to change my hair color. Red hair just felt so confident, like a new era, and it made sense. I dyed my hair and felt like a new person.”

In the visualizer for her new track “One of Us,” she’s seen lying in a grave wearing the Max Cut, but has no plans to resurrect the look in real life any time soon.

However, Ava is getting inspiration for her upcoming debut headlining tour from another famous blonde who’s famous for changing up her looks: Madonna.  Ava tells People that she’s been studying the Queen of Pop’s 2006 Confessions Tour, which was very dance-heavy.

“I’m definitely going to bring the party. Who knows, I might even bring a lot of fans on stage every night because I just want everyone to experience it with me,” she teases. “I definitely will have crazy outfits, a lot of color and really empowering dances. I see it being very strong, but fun at the same time.”

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