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Ava Max loves that moms and kids are enjoying her hit "Kings & Queens" together

Charlotte Rutherford

Like Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha, singer/songwriter Ava Max is the child of Albanian immigrants, and just like them, her upbeat dance-pop has made her a worldwide success.  Ava’s happy that her current platinum single “Kings & Queens” is a song that both kids and their parents can enjoy together.

The singer, whose trademark is her asymmetrical blonde hairstyle, tells ABC Audio, “I had a mom reach out [to me], like, ‘I love playing “Kings & Queens” for my kids and we can all dance, it’s such a family song, and it’s all about female empowerment.” And they love that, you know? So I love that.”

“I want to continue doing that,” she adds, referring to making music for fans of all ages. “It feeds my soul when it feeds people souls…giving is, like, the ultimate thing, right? So I’m very happy about that.”

Mindful that her music is being enjoyed by families, Ava says that, unlike many current pop stars, she tries not to use profanity in her songs.

She laughs, “Sometimes I have a sailor mouth in real life, but I try not to put it in my songs as much as I can, because, y’know, my fans range from, like, you know, two years old to 100 hundred years old!”

“So I don’t want to offend. But at the end of the day, you can’t control who you offend, right?” Ava notes. “So I’m trying to tell myself that — just, like, ‘Make art, you can’t really control how people feel.’ But I do try [not to curse], if that makes sense!” 

You can find “Kings & Queens” on Ava’s debut album, Heaven & Hell.

By Andrea Dresdale
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