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Ava Max says her upcoming album is “basically heartbreak on the dance floor”

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On Thursday, Ava Max released her new single and video “Maybe You’re the Problem,” the first release from her upcoming new album.  And she tells Apple Music 1‘s Zane Lowe that the album documents her feelings about the end of a long relationship that she says nobody knew.

“Early last year is when the album actually really took shape because I started writing very differently,” the “Kings & Queens” singer tells Zane. “I was in a really long relationship and no one knows this about me because I never talk about my personal life…but then it changed.”

“This album is about my life and what I went thought in the last year and heartbreak…it’s basically heartbreak on the dance floor,” she adds. “It’s gonna make you cry and dance at the same time.”

But despite going through that, Ava assures fans, “I definitely feel like a new me and I’ve never, ever felt better. I really know myself this time around and I’m really excited for people to hear the music.”

Ava says the album will be out later this year, and it’ll be very eclectic.

“Every song on the new album is very different. It’s pop but it also has influences from 90s, 80s…not only just one genre,” she explains. “I wanted to mix a lot of genres on this album. I really wanted you to be on a journey.”

When the new album arrives, it’ll be the follow up to her 2020 debut, Heaven & Hell.






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