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Ava Max travels to the past to party in new video for Tiësto collab “The Motto”

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Ava Max time-travels to the 1920s and gets everybody dancing in the video for “The Motto,” her new collaboration with superstar DJ Tiësto.

In the clip, a tipsy Ava leaves a party at a hotel and gets into an elevator, which she manages to short out with her glass of champagne. It goes haywire and deposits her in the lobby of the hotel in the Jazz Age, where bellhops and flappers eye her curiously. 

Oblivious to the stares, Ava chugs Champagne, dances, and steals some era-appropriate accessories, before riding a luggage cart to another part of the hotel. There, Tiësto is hosting a banquet, which Ava promptly crashes, ruining a Champagne tower and dancing on the table — until everyone gets up and joins her.

The wild party ends with everyone posing for a group photo, which magically becomes a framed, sepia-toned picture hanging in the lobby of the modern-day hotel, in a nod to the movie The Shining

As the clip ends, we see modern-day Ava walk across the lobby in front of the picture, while telling someone on the phone, “Man, last night was crazy.  It felt like a dream!”

“Ava is such an exciting young talent and her beautiful voice adds such depth to the song…‘The Motto’ is the party anthem keeping us dancing into 2022 as we close out a crazy year!” says Tiësto in a statement.

 “When Tiesto shared this record with me, I fell in love and couldn’t stop playing it,” Ava adds. “‘The Motto’ is empowering – it’s about not caring, doing you, having a good time, and letting the world know!”

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