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Avocado expert Jason Mraz says “I’m Yours” to Chipotle-backed farmers

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Courtesy Chipotle Mexican Grill

If Jason Mraz was going to mentor anyone about anything, you’d think it would be about music.  But it turns out that Jason is using his other very particular set of skills to help Chipotle and other food companies build a better burrito.

In addition to being a Grammy-winning singer, Jason is also an organic avocado grower whose California farm, The Mranch, has been supplying Chipotle with produce for a long time.  Now, he’ll be acting as a mentor for Chipotle’s Aluminaries Project, an accelerator program that supports businesses that are creating sustainable, equitable and efficient food systems.

Businesses around the country who apply for the program and are accepted will get seven months of customized support, including Jason’s mentorship, plus introductions to investors and free food from Chipotle.

“Learning to work with land, trees, and seasons has been a truly humbling experience. I’ve seen firsthand how some farming practices can benefit the earth versus how other, less-careful choices contribute to pollution and the climate crisis,” Jason says in a statement.

“At The Mranch, we prioritize…organic farming, growing resilience in addition to good foods,” he adds. “I believe the future of farming is innovative and spirited, where each of us see ourselves as a steward for the earth, while advancing equity for all workers involved.”

A Chipotle exec adds, “We believe that how we grow our food is how we grow our future and look forward to partnering with Jason Mraz and others who are passionate about helping us cultivate a better world.”


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