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Avril Lavigne has her “favorite word” tattooed on her body three times — guess what it is

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While Avril Lavigne‘s been working with two of the most-tattooed guys around — Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly — she herself isn’t completely inked up.  She’s working on it, though, and she does have what she calls her “favorite word” tattooed on herself three times.

Speaking to Inked magazine, Avril explains that she got her first tattoo, the “Sk8er Boi” star, on her wrist around the time of her second album, but only after she asked her big brother if he was O.K. with it.  Then, over the next 15 years or so, she got several smaller tattoos.

“I always wanted the half-sleeve, but I was trying to be responsible,” she laughs. “It’s funny, I say that while I have ‘F***’ tattooed on me three times.”

For the record, she’s got “F*** you” on her middle finger, and “Motherf***ing Princess” — a lyric from her song “Girlfriend” — on another finger.  Plus, she’s got the word spelled out in block letters on her rib cage.

She adds with a laugh, “It’s my favorite word. Why the f*** not?”

For the record, Avril eventually did get her half-sleeve: A couple of years ago, she met with famed tattoo artist London Reese and asked him to connect her hodgepodge of tats into a music-themed half-sleeve featuring a microphone, roses and music notes.

Avril’s new album Love Sux, which will be released on Barker’s DTA Records label, is due out next month and features MGK, blackbear and Blink 182‘s Mark Hoppus.

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