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Avril Lavigne: Making Juno-nominated album ‘Love Sux’ was “like hanging out with my friends in the studio”

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Avril Lavigne just received five Juno Award nominations from her native Canada, including Album of the Year for her 2022 album Love Sux.  The album hit the top 10 album was got great reviews, but Avril also says she really enjoyed the creative process — because for once, she said, “I clicked with everybody!”

For Love Sux, Avril teamed up with collaborators from the pop-punk world like Blink-182′s Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus, as well as Machine Gun Kelly, blackbear, Yungblud and Mod Sun, to whom she’d eventually become engaged.  “I felt like I was just, like, hanging out with my friends in the studio,” Avril told ABC Audio last year.

“I felt like these are my kind of people — from my type of background musically,” she added of her collaborators. “And I felt the most understood, for the first time. And I also just feel like everyone was so talented that I worked with, but we all have the same vibe and style. So, like, we clicked!”

And Avril says that was a big change from other times when she attempted to work with others on an album.

“Definitely, in the past, there’s been like times where it’s like, you meet these songwriters and you get together and you write songs, it’s so boring!” she recalled.

“You’re not gonna to click with everyone you get together with, right?,” she continued. “So over the years, I really clicked with certain people and other people, I didn’t.”

She laughed, “This album, I clicked with everybody, which is so fun!”

Love Sux debuted in the top 10 when it was released last February and spun off the singles “I’m a Mess,” “Bite Me” and “Love It When You Hate Me.”  This spring, she’ll be touring in Europe and the U.K.


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