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Avril Lavigne says her next project will be “an extension” of ‘LOVE SUX’

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Avril Lavigne is about to release her seventh studio album, LOVE SUX, but she’s already making plans for what comes next.

In an interview with Billboard, the singer says she’s written so many songs that she may have enough for a follow-up project.

“I wrote probably 30 songs [for this album], and I just feel like I’ll keep going,” she says. “The next project I feel like, right now, would be an extension of this. This feels so good, and I have so much material, that I would want to continue.”

For the time being though, she’s “super-focused” on touring and playing her new music live for fans. Avril, who celebrates the 20th anniversary of her debut album Let Go this June, says she feels grateful the pop-punk music scene is making a revival — even though for her, it never really went away.

“It was weird to me that radio wasn’t playing rock and roll anymore!” she says. “I was just like, ‘Are you f****** kidding me?’ Because I love pop-punk music and all the bands that I grew up listening to.”

Avril adds, “So I’m happy that it’s come back around, and radio will play guitar and live drums again. And I mean, it’s not just all about radio. It really comes down to fan bases, and the fan bases stuck [around], and it’s great to see the younger generation rediscovering the older bands, too.”

LOVE SUX comes out Friday.

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