Crisco, Dez & Ryan | Featured | KS95

Back and Action Packed!

After coming off a huge week last week, announcing the start of “Buck$ For Babe” last Wednesday and raising almost 100K by that Friday thanks to our amazing listeners and sponsors! We’re preparing for another action packed, fun, and big week. Starting this Sunday. Thanks to your donations we have a truck full of rescued animals being dropped off at Secondhand Hounds and we can’t wait to be there for their arrival! We promise we’ll share pictures. Plus, Crisco will return with stories aplenty from his trip to Chicago. He decided to skip the driving and instead take a train to the Windy City and we’ve already been informed it was quite the experience. A lot of “unique” moments. And that’s just the train ride there. Dez will be back to tell us all about her 4th of July and her famous “Abraham Drinkin’” weekend. She recently announced she’s making this another “Big Fat Summer” so we’re sure she’ll have plenty to share about her time on the water and all the hillbilly activities she took part in, in River Falls. The event that we’re all most excited for though is at the end of the week. July 16th we’re all back out at Secondhand Hounds in Minnetonka for our pet adoption event. Please come join us on the 16th at Secondhand Hounds! There will be Crisco, Dez, Ryan, tons of pups and more. It’s going to be so much fun!! We’ll take pictures, learn about the adoption process, play with adorable dogs and I’m sure get some puppies new homes. Along with all that next week, we have tons of prizes to give away, One Call at 7:20am, Love ‘Em or List ‘Em at 7:50am, Secrets at 8:20am and plenty more. So please join us Monday morning to hear more, share some laughs, and have a chance to win some awesome prizes. It’s going to be a busy, but really fun week and we can’t wait!