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Back-Sync: Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively is living her boy band fantasy

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Fans were thrilled when two Backstreet Boys and two members of *NSYNCAJ McLean, Nick Carter, Joey Fatone and Lance Bass — teamed up as Back-Sync to perform at a charitable event last week for Pride Month.  And they were even more thrilled when Lance posted footage of himself and Joey teaching AJ and Nick how to do *NSYNC’s signature “Bye Bye Bye” choreography.   Among those enraptured by the video: Blake Lively.

On her Instagram Story, Blake posted Lance’s video, and wrote, “True story: I just watched this until Instagram finally cut me off by pausing the video,” she wrote. “Because even they knew it was too much for me to handle in one sitting…”

Then, referencing her husband Ryan Reynolds, Blake added, “Also, a true story. My husband sent this to me. He understands the significance. God bless him.”

The four performers themselves are also having fun. Joey told Variety during rehearsals, “It’s interesting to have the four of us knuckleheads do something together, which you’ve never seen before.”

Nick added, “I still don’t understand why we didn’t get an opportunity to do more things together, but we learned that it was managers and stuff happening behind-the-scenes that prevented it. Better late than never, right?”

Wonder if Blake shared the footage with her and Ryan’s bestie, Taylor Swift?


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