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Backstreet Boy Nick Carter says new solo song “Easy” is about the “simple parts of life…that you don’t want to ever forget”

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Patrick Dwyer

The Backstreet Boys are relaunching their DNA tour this Friday in Las Vegas, but ahead of that, Nick Carter has dropped a solo single, “Easy,” featuring country star Jimmie Allen.  The song definitely has a country vibe, and Nick says that’s no surprise, given his background.

“I actually grew up listening to country music,” Nick tells ABC Audio, adding, “You could actually probably find some old footage of me singing some Alan Jackson songs during my auditions.”   And of course, with their pals Florida Georgia Line, Nick and The Backstreet Boys scored a #1 country single in 2017 with “God, Your Mama and Me.”  But beyond that, Nick feels that country music has some attributes that other musical genres don’t these days.

“I feel like country now…is where lyrics and stories and melodies and the singer-songwriter stories still exist,” he explains.  Plus, he enjoyed collaborating with Jimmie — like Nick, a former Dancing with the Stars contestant — calling him “one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

As for “Easy” itself, the father of three says, “I wanted to write a song about how I’m living right now, what’s most important, which is my kids, my wife, you know, the simple things…you know, making breakfast, taking them to school, you know, the moments…that you don’t want to ever forget.”  You can see Nick’s adorable kids in the song’s video.

As for whether “Easy” will lead to a solo country album, Nick says, “Listen, if people gravitate towards it and they resonate with it and they want more. I’d definitely be comfortable [with] exploring that avenue more.”

He adds, “I’m definitely kind of hitting my stride as far as writing and I’m loving the direction that it’s heading in, so it’s making a lot of sense to me.” 

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