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Bailey Schlosser

Bailey was just four years old and diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on March 8th of this year. She developed a cough that persisted for 2 weeks and then a fever that she could not seem to shake. She was seen by her family practice doctor on March 4th and they prescribed her antibiotics. Things did not seem to improve and there were lots of bruises on her chin that were unusual even though she is a typical active toddler . This resulted in a trip back to the doctor. They looked her over and said that is not likely leukemia and her bruises were in normal places for an active toddler and she had only been on antibiotics for 3 days, give it time. They also checked for other symptoms of leukemia and she had none. Katie, Bailey’s mom insisted on bloodwork. They agreed and they drew blood twice, as they were shocked at the initial results. They told me to go immediately to M Health Fairview  Masonic  Children’s Hospital Emergency Room. The numbers were “startling” and they were shocked as she seemed healthy otherwise. At the hospital they took blood to run more tests and also gave Bailey a Blood Transfusion as her red count was very low. They suspected Leukemia and a few hours later it was confirmed, and a new reality began for all of us just like that. 

Her team of Doctors were amazing and she fought hard that first month. Her bone marrow was FULL of leukemia cells at the onset and after very aggressive treatment her bone marrow was disease free in just a matter of 29 days! We are now 7 months in and it has been such a rollercoaster of emotions. Bailey has good days and bad days. There have been setbacks and side effects. She lost her ability to walk after treatment began and she didn’t talk much either. It was so not our little Bailey and this was very scary. She now is walking again and talking more like her normal self! Treatment will continue for 2 years as there are still very small cells that are undetectable under a microscope that they need to treat. Bailey is a warrior and we would NOT have been able to get through this unimaginable journey without the support of M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital! Their staff is absolutely incredible and we are so blessed to be on this harrowing journey with such a team of miracle workers! This is a long journey, but she is a fighter and WILL come out on the other side:)